Rapidcargo online enables our brokers to obtain quotations for goods in transit, goods being imported to the UK and goods being exported from the UK including an option to cover stock outside the ordinary course of transit.

Highlights as follows:

  • A rated insurer
  • Two step quote process
  • Conveyance Limits up to £1,000,000 quoted online (larger limits by referral)
  • Annual sendings up to £10,000,000 quoted online (larger sendings by referral)
  • Unspecified storage anywhere in the UK up to £100,000 quoted online (larger limits by referral)
  • Express claims service – A quick and Fast track claims service for losses up to £25,000
  • Automatic inclusion of cover for Exhibitions, Engineers Equipment, Sales Reps Samples & more

  • If you already have access to our online system, you can login at

    To obtain access to our new scheme, please reply to this e-mail or contact Scott Robson on either 01371 878561 or e-mail