Partnership Brokers

DOA has a select panel of Partnership Brokers who have been chosen based on recognition of a very special trading relationship.

DOA does not ask any of its Partnership Brokers to meet GWP targets or transfer a set level of business. The DOA Partnership Broker is based around a mutually acceptable trading platform that relies on three core principles, namely;

  1. Our respective businesses will succeed better by working more closely together
  2. That neither of us will consciously act to disadvantage the other
  3. That we are both accountable to each other for any failure to comply with the spirit of this special status.

What will DOA bring to the relationship?

  • Underwriters who will respond to quotes within 24hrs, full quotations within 48hrs (1)
  • Underwriters who can make on the spot decisions
  • Exclusive Price Match Facility on all target trades
  • Exclusive discretionary discount – 10% (2)
  • Flexible underwriting to accommodate non-target trades
  • Exclusive terms (1)
  • Enhanced commission
  • Sub-delegated Risk Transfer
  • Documents within 7 days
  • A guaranteed saving on the Partnership Brokers own PI Click Here for more details

(1) Where required. (2) Available where quoted in-house.

What will the Partnership Broker bring to the relationship?

  • Support DOA in each of its core business activities (Accident & Health, Commercial and Financial Professions)
  • Estimate the approximate levels of support in each core business activity
  • Achieve a minimum conversion rate of 1 in 3 quotations
  • Provide feedback on all quotations
  • Select new and existing business suitable for DOA.

Please contact Phillip on 01371 878564 for further information about becoming a DOA Partnership Broker.