Accident and Health Insurance

The Travel & Medical Screening team at DOA specialize in providing wholesale and retail Travel Insurance, Medical Screening is available both Online via our system or Offline for those brokers that prefer to refer their clients to our specialist Medical Screening team. All of the facilities provided have a minimum A+ rated security and are offered on a variety of platforms that have been specially designed incorporating feedback from brokers since 2003.
Our key brands are SunWorld Travel, SunWorld EXTRA, B2C Travel and Medical EXTRA, these brands have grown to become the leading Travel Insurance in the Broker market.

SunWorld Travel Insurance Facility - Main Unique Selling Points

First in the Broker Market "Intelligent Travel Insurance Underwriting" - We now rate by individual age (for both Annual Multi-trip and Single Trip), individual country and each night away (Single Trip), a number of different rating factors including individual ages, countries and trip lengths which provides us with the ability to provide tailored quotations based on our client's individual criteria and travel arrangements stepping away from a blended rating structure (using age bands, regions and number of days' bandings) which a number of our competitors continue to use.

Tailored cover - You can tailor certain limits of cover within each of the 4 cover levels available, this means you can now provide your clients with a truly "tailored" policy that meets your clients exact requirements.

Flexible Commission - Flex your commission to set your premiums and earnings.

Annual Multi-trip Renewals - Because we now tailor our quotes to individual criteria your clients will no longer see dramatic increases in their renewal premiums, providing their individual circumstances or travel requirements have not significantly changed.

10% Renewal Discount - Subject to no claims within the last 12 months!

Pre-existing medical conditions... No Mid Term Underwriting! We will not mid-term screen any newly diagnosed medical conditions that have occurred or changed after you have booked a trip. Cover will only be excluded if you have been advised not to travel by your GP or Consultant in which case you can cancel any pre booked trips. Other travel insurance providers request that they are contacted following the diagnosis or change in circumstances of any medical conditions and may charge an additional premium or exclude cover for these conditions!

SunWorld's Promise to Brokers

In addition to the above we continually tweak and improve our online facilities and procedures so we can continue to provide brokers with the highest level of service.

Emergency Claims - We have gone to extreme lengths to ensure your client receives the very highest level of service, to achieve this we appointed Healix Assistance who manage each Emergency Assistance case that is notified to Global Response.

Sales Support - Whether it's a cover query, system query, amendment to an existing policy or just want advice speak to one of our highly experienced travel administrators on our Freephone "Travel Helpline" 0800 389 5904.

Medical Screening Support - All our medical screening is integrated within our online systems using the very latest screening technology, you do not need to be medically trained or even know what your clients condition means, simply enter the name of all conditions into the system and read each question to your client... it's that simple... however if you need support call our Medical Screening team on 01371 878578.

SunWorld EXTRA and Medical EXTRA is aimed at covering non-standard / high risk medical conditions that cannot be covered under the main SunWorld / B2C facilities. The B2C Travel Insurance facility has been designed to be fully white labelled including many additional customisation features to make every B2C system unique to each Broker / Affiliate.

Our Travel team control approximately £23 Million in Gross Written Premiums.

For further information about any of our Travel facilities please contact our Freephone Travel Helpline 0800 389 5904 or click on the relevant links for more information.